Kids Parties

You can choose from the arts & craft birthdays or your combo art & physical activity kids party. Whatever you chose, your child is sure to have a blast!

Instructional Paint Party

Your child will paint with us in a step-by-step instructional class that allows your child to create and express themselves. 1 Canvas is provided as well as paints, brushes and aprons for a fun a class that will approximately 1.5hrs.

Craft & Paint Party

You can choose from wood cut outs, ceramics or pre-sketched canvas that your child can freehand, create, decorate and express themselves through art. The Party will last approx. 2hrs where there will be time for food and cake. 

Fitness & Create Party
We are now proudly working with Chase Strength & Conditioning, located on Rt 94 in Vernon, NJ to bring you a unique birthday experience. A 2.5hr Party allows you to enjoy multiple physical activities and relays in the gym, followed by lunch and a fun art session for the last hour of your party. Have an array of different kids? This is the perfect party to make sure everyone has a great time.
Interested in booking a party but not sure which you want to do? Give us a call and lets talk about your child and the things they like to find the perfect fit for them and their friends!

The Crafting Corner, LLC

Meg Wahnon